What Is Earnest Money?

What Is Earnest Money?

What is Earnest Money? Where Does it Go? Can I Get It Back, or Lose It?

In this video, I talk about what your Earnest Money Deposit is and in what circumstances you can get it back or lose it.

In a nutshell, earnest money is a deposit to escrow which ends up as a credit to you at closing. Here are some ways you can obtain your earnest money back:

  1. Inspection – once the inspection is done and you don’t like what you have found out about the home and/or we cannot successfully negotiate with the sellers.

  2. Appraisal – if the appraisal comes in low from the bank and we cannot agree on a solution with the sellers, such as reduced price, meeting in the middle, or the buyer bringing more down payment.

  3. Financing – if your financing fails through no fault of your own such as job loss or reduction in job hours/wages.

Some ways you can lose your earnest money is if your financing fails due to your fault such as increasing your debt-to-income ratio because you bought a new car or financed furniture on credit, for example. Additionally, you can lose it if you simply decide you no longer want the home.

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